This is the text logo of Yoga Holiday France who run relaxed yoga retreats in South France. The blue skies of the Provence are the perfect setting for a revitilising yoga holiday. This blue website background is based on the sea and sky in South France, where our yoga retreats are held.

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The blue of the Mediterranian sea and clear sky in South France are the backdrop of our yoga holidays.
This sky blue background is for idyllic calm, which is how you would be feeling on our yoga retreats. A stretched flag of Finland is part of Yoga Holiday France's web identity!


Join us for a yoga holiday in the beautiful South of France, and immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, taking the time to discover, rediscover or deepen your yoga practice in classes tailored to your needs, in a relaxed revitalising yoga retreat.


In Yoga Holiday France, we pride ourselves on getting the balance of yoga and holiday just right, taking as much care in preparing our delicious wholesome meals, and in decorating the villa with sparkle and warmth, as we do in considering where you are with your own yoga practice in every lesson.


We, yoga teacher and cook, are available throughtout your yoga holiday if you have any questions about your yoga practice, or any food requests. Small groups of maximum 12 participants make this a truly personal yoga retreat. We hope to make you feel at home, or better still, on holiday at a friend's villa!


Non-practicing partners wishing to take advantage of the golf course on the estate, or just wanting to relax and explore this area of France, are very welcome. Please contact us to make individual arrangements.


Retreat dates for 2011 are 3 to 10 September


To receive information about our future retreats, please fill in our contact form.


This blue background image is part of Yoga Holiday France's brand identity.
This picture of Malena Beer is the brand image of our yoga retreats. The blue skies of the Provence are the ideal backdrop for a rejuvenating yoga retreat. The blue skies of the South of France are the setting for our relaxed yoga retreats.