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Malena BeerMalena Beer works as a choreographer, dancer and teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Paris.


As well as giving private yoga classes, she teaches regularly at the “Rasa” Yoga Centre and in the Ananda Kala association. She has led Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga workshops in France, Greece and Argentina.


Malena qualified at Caroline Boulinguez’s Les Ailes Yoga School (Samasthiti Studio, Paris). She has also trained with well-known masters such as: David Swenson, Michael Stone, Mathew Seewney, Mark Darby, Basia Lipska, Rone Reid y Marla Meenakshi, Dena Kinsberg, Chuck and Matty.


She travels regularly to India to study with Mahadeva (Hatha Yoga and Pranayama), Sheshadri (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), and at the Anahanta Research Foundation (Yoga Sutras).


As a dancer, Malena wanted to deepen her work with the body in connexion with the inner world, and it was along this way that she discovered the practice of yoga, in her home country of Argentina.


She has practiced Yoga for 9 years. In 2005, the deepening and consolidation of her yoga practice led her to want to share the invaluable life tools that this millennia-old tradition had brought to her body and her spiritual and emotional life.


The therapeutic dimension of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga also interests Malena in her work, and she endeavours to apply it in her teaching, depending on the needs and potential of each student, and the demands of the yoga practice. To this end, she feeds her knowledge, her own yoga practice and her teaching, by studying other traditions such as Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Yin Yoga, as well as by learning about various massage (bodywork) techniques and Reiki energy healing.


What also motivates Malena to teach Vinyasa Yoga is that in teaching, she finds creative expression, in the spirit of dance, movement and fluidity, based on a foundation of the knowledge and consistency that come from the tradition.